Tue 4/23/19 – Dimwit Auto Radio Major Project – Last Day of Class!!

Click HERE to download the Dimwit Auto Files to edit with

Use the files above and Audacity to edit together the Dimwit Auto Radio Commercial Major Project.

Line up the Sound Effects with the lines of dialogue as indicated by the table rows in the script.



Use the following method, IN ORDER, to complete the task:

  1. Open the script in Text Edit or MS Word
  2. Open Audacity
  3. Import the the DimWit voice over.mp3 into audacity
  4. Use the script to add each sound effect one by one and mix each one to be under the voice over (lower volume than the voice over). Do this one sound effect at a time, starting with the horse gallop.
  5. After all the sound effects are added and mixed to teh proper volume, finally, add the music and mix it to match the sound effects and voice. The music should probably be between -15db and -18db on the Audacity audio meter.
  6. Go to File>Export Audio as MP3. Name teh File “DimWit Auto.mp3” (you don’t have to type “mp3.” Audacity will add that for you).
  7. Upload to your output mp3 file to your SoundCloud account and embed the file in your major projects page same as you would a YouTube Video. Name your Major Project “DimWit Auto Radio Commercial.”


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