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The following assignment is designed to help you to learn the disciplines, techniques and procedures used by the On-Air Talent during the television and radio production process.  You may assume the responsibilities of the On-Air Talent position, or work with talent you have auditioned.  You will learn key terms used in both the television and in the radio industry.  This project is also intended to help you:

  •  Acquaint you with the fundamentals of good speech.
  • Show you how to self-evaluate your speech patterns, as well as the speech patterns of talent used in your productions.
  • Illustrate the dynamics of an ever-changing language.
  • Familiarize yourself with job expectations for both television and radio on-air positions.
  • Permit hands-on practice for both television and radio on-air positions.
  • Set up an effective chroma key effect in the editing process.
  • Help produce a marketable demo (resume) reel.

ASSIGNMENT: You will write, record and edit a broadcast entertainment report.

  • All copy must be approved by the instructor before beginning production.
  • Your report should be 60-90-seconds total running time (trt).  Projects shorter than 60-seconds or longer than 90 seconds will not be accepted.
  • Your entertainment report will be shot on the chroma key screen inside the television studio.  Appointments must be scheduled in advance with the production staff of the SJMC.
  • You may appear as talent in your production, or select someone through an audition process.
  • Your completed project should be uploaded to either You Tube or Vimeo and then embedded into your WordPress site for grading and evaluation.

Grading Criteria For Entertainment Report


PowerPoints for Broadcast Writing

PowerPoint 1

PowerPoint 2

PowerPoint 3

PowerPoint 4

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