Links to Audacity software- The free audio editor for Mac & Windows

Click HERE for free Audacity for Windows

LAME MP3 is required to enable Audacity to export MP3 files for SoundCloud

Click HERE for free LAME MP3 Encoder for Windows

Click HERE for free Audacity for Mac

LAME MP3 is required to enable Audacity to export MP3 files for SoundCloud

Click HERE for free LAME MP3 Encoder for Mac

How to Install the LAME MP3 Encoder

Audacity Audio Editing Tutorials

Click Here to see the Audacity Interface Guide

Click Here to Download the Audacity Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

The Audacity Manual

Audacity Tutorial Playlist

  1. How to import an audio file

  2. How to use Audacity keyboard shortcuts

  3. Editing Multiple Tracks

  4. How to split/cut your audio tracks and move their position

  5. Exporting an audio File

Watch “8 time-saving tips & tricks for Audacity”

Noise Removal

Clean Up your VO using Audacity

Watch and follow the video below to clean up your VO steps:

  1. First, import your VO and Room Tone Tracks into Audacity.
  2. Trim any mistakes, countdowns, and mic handling sounds from your VO track by highlighting and using the Delete Key.
  3. Effects>Noise Reduction: 1) get noise profile from your room tone track, 2) reduce the noise
  4. Effects>Normalize audio to -6db
  5. Effects>Compressor using these settings: Threshold -12db, Noise Floor -40db, Ratio 2:1, Attack Time 0.2 seconds, Decay Time 1.0 seconds, and check the box for ‘make up gain for 0db after compressing.’
  6. If the compressor effect makes your VO track excessively loud, use the volume slider in the VO track header (on the left-hand side of the VO track) to reduce the volume back to an average of -6db.
  7. If you still hear a lot of background noise, repeat the noise reduction step above using a noise profile sample from somewhere inside the already normalized and compressed VO track, not the room tone track.
  8. If your trimmed VO track is short or long by up to 4-seconds, use Effects>Change tempo and change the length to 29.5-seconds.


Understanding Audio Compression to Improve Your Voice

Mixing – Adjusting Your Track Audio Levels

Your voice should be mixed to AVERAGE around -6db

Your music should mix well with the voice, but not conflict with it, or overpower it. Your music will probably be set between -18db and -12db

Mixing (balancing) sound levels on multiple audio tracks in Audacity

Make Your VO Fit A Specific Time Without Changing Pitch

Audacity Change Tempo

Saving the Audacity Project File and Exporting an MP3 file

Your completed assignments should be uploaded to SoundCloud and then embedded into your WordPress In-Class Assignments page for evaluation and grading. Label each commercial with its script title.

How to Upload your Audio File to SoundCloud