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Shooting B-Roll Using The 5-Shot Method<>
The Five Shots – 10 Seconds Each<>
Download a List of the 5-Shots used in the 5-Shot Method<>
Click Here to Download the Files to Edit Using the 5-Shot method<>
Click here to see how to stabilize shaky camera footage (won’t fix “Blair Witch” footage)<>
Why Your Project May Need Talent Release Forms (ask your school for these)
<>Do-It-Yourself Cell Phone Tripod Mount<>
Click here to Access a 100% free video news package producing/shooting/editing course by Shawn Montano<>

Free training – create a video story with premiere pro (don’t forget to download the exercise files to practice with)

More free premiere pro training

Another free Premiere course

Free Photoshop course (just because)

Just for fun – good YouTube channels to subscribe to
Check out rocket jump film school
Special FX with Adobe After Effects