Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro will be used to create a 60-second news-focused video slideshow composed of 12 photos, text captions, and music.

ASSIGNMENT: You will create at 60-second video slideshow of 12 still images that covers a topic regarding your local community/city/or the South Florida Area from a newsworthy perspective.

You must turn in a one paragraph description of your topic and how you plan to cover it no later than 5pm Monday 10/26/20 on Canvas as “ICA#14-Slideshow Proposal.”

Your promo must include 12 photos, title captions for each photo (created in Premiere pro or Photoshop), and music. You must use royalty free music from YouTube Audio Library (log in with your YouTube account to download the music).

If you feature a person or persons as the subject of your photo slideshow, you must get a signed release:

Click HERE to download the FIU Talent Release Form

One music source for your Still Image Project: YouTube Audio Library .

Your completed project should be uploaded to either You Tube or Vimeo and then embedded into your WordPress site for grading and evaluation.

When you post your video to your site, you must write below your embedded video and indicate the source of your music. Example: “My music is from the YouTube Audio Library.”

Slideshow – Grading Criteria-

100 total points

If you do not understand any of the criteria you must meet below, ASK!

  1.  10pts-Minimum of 12 shots.
  3. Slideshow time = 1-minute (more than 1:01 or less than 0:59 will not be accepted).
  4. 5pts-The slideshow must have a clear theme that is demonstrated by the choices of shot.
  5. 5pts-Shots must be shot holding the camera in landscape aspect, not vertical aspect.
  6. 10pts-Shots must be aesthetically pleasing, well composed, following the guidelines in the PDF handouts for Shot Types, Angles, Rule of Thirds, and Use of Diagonal Lines, as practiced in class.
  7. 10pts-At least one shot must exhibit a shallow depth of field.
  8. 5pts-All shots used in the slideshow must be adjusted/corrected in Photoshop using the camera raw filter.
  9. 5pts-Slideshow is created in Premiere Pro using the AVC-Intra 720p folder and the  AVC-I 100 720p30 sequence pre-set
  10. 5pts-Each photo slide must have motion applied (not be an unmoving still). Use the Zoom In/Zoom Out motions provided under EFFECTS>PRESETS.
  11. 10pts-Each shot must have text applied that is reflective of the project theme. The text should BE A READABLE FONT WITH A BLACK STROKE AND BLACK DROP SHADOW (not too skinny, or too small on screen). DO NOT USE BLACK OR OTHER DARK COLOR FILL ON YOUR TEXT (only on the stroke and drop shadow)
  12. 5pts-Each slide text must have motion applied (not be an unmoving still). Use the R-L/L-R motions provided under EFFECTS>PRESETS.
  13. 5pts-Slideshow (including text) must fade to black at the end (add a 15-frame cross dissolve provided under EFFECTS>PRESETS on both the text layer and slide layer).
  14. 5pts-Music mixed to an appropriate level (-6DB ON THE AUDIO METERS, right click on the audio track and use AUDIO GAIN to raise or lower the level)
  15. 5pts-Music fades out (3-seconds) at the end (right-click on the end of the music and “add default audio transition,” then double click resulting the transition icon, enter 300 (for 3-seconds) in the dialogue box and click OK)
  16. 10pts-Slideshow is exported as video, uploaded to YouTube and posted to your WordPress blog under the Major Projects page, labeled as “Major Project Slideshow.” FAILURE TO POST THE PROJECT ON THE MAJOR PROJECTS WILL RESULT IN A LETTER GRADE REDUCTION IN YOUR SLIDESHOW MAJOR PROJECT GRADE
  17. 5pts-Post your 12 original photos (NOT the ones you corrected in camera raw!), in order 1-12, under your slideshow video

Click Here to Download instructions for the Slideshow Project

Click Here for Camera & Equipment checkout – Log in with your Panther ID

Assumption of Risk Form PDF

CLICK HERE for some files to practice making a Slideshow

Example videos:

Camera Shots

Click here to Download Shot Types & Angles

Click here to Download Shot Rule of Thirds

Click here to Download Shot Diagonal Lines

Exposure Triangle Cheat Sheet

Nikon D3200 camera manual

Sony SLTA55 camera manual

Assumption of Risk Form PDF

Camera Shots

VIDEO – Using Diagonal Lines to Make Interesting Photo Compositions

9 Shot Composition Tips

New Rules of Composition

Click Here to download some files to practice with in Photoshop
right click on each folder and and choose “download”)

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Using a Levels Adjustment Layer to Selectively Adjust Contrast

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